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"Beauty everywhere; for everyone!"

I make pictures in the Ostinato style of photography. I named it! There is no word for what I do..... This photographic style, like the music reference, takes a crows approach to collecting shiny and pretty things from nature and layering them together to make a nest of surreal photographic magic. 

    I find lines that divide twos into threes and splashes of water that make you squirm; each Ostinato photo combines multiple images that are usually taken within a 20 minute window and around the same view. This particular collection of images is then post-processed to complete a final 100 megapixel image.

     My art has to be seen; and felt; and accessible. Tapping into a space that exists in every dwelling unit and for most, sits completely void of creativity, the statement above becomes a mission. And when the driving force behind the photographer is to document beauty I'm creating the most beautiful work of my life. 

A random --unsolicited--  alien endorsment!

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po box 22207; Nashville; 37202

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